The Hidden Truth about Eyeglasses

A ridiculous statement it may sound, but there is now solid physical and scientific evidence that prescription eyeglasses can actually do more harm to your eyes than good! In today’s modern hi-tech world, where an increasing number of people stare at their computer monitors for hours on end, the ciliary muscles in our eyes have to work overtime. The muscles constantly flex the eye lens to make it thicker in order to focus the information on the computer screen as a clear image on the retina. Studies have shown that this constant close-up work actually accelerates the eye’s natural tendency to elongate in myopes by increasing pressure in the vitreous chamber of the eye more quickly. The increased pressure pushes the retina further back so light rays focus in front of the retina, leaving a blurred image on the retina itself. This is known as acquired myopia.

Prescription eyeglasses use a corrective concave or ‘minus’ glass lens in front of the eye to diffract the light rays so they once again focus directly onto the retina. In fact, the lens makes the object in view appear closer than it is, causing the ciliary muscle to work even harder in order to focus, therefore accelerating the increase of pressure in the vitreous chamber!

Pinhole glasses on the other hand have the opposite effect, as the image through a pinhole has a greater depth of focus. When you wear pinhole glasses the ciliary muscle does not have to work as hard, and so the pressure build up in the vitreous chamber is slower.

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