“Matt, just wanted to let you know that my wife has worn glasses for 33 years.. her prescription is 6.25 something (really bad i guess) and she put them on for the first time and is absolutely blown away..

I cant believe it.. she wears coke bottle glasses and she can read the lettering on the TV screen, she read some size 12 font sentences without glasses for the first time in 33 years..

she is 41 now and spent almost all of her life with glasses.

I am sure you get these emails every day but wanted to thank you for making something so simple available.

The reason i looked for a “cure” is that I am now 37 and have glasses for 0.63 in my right eye and 0.25 in my left eye. astigmatism in my right eye that caused me to see double using red dot weapon sights… not good when yuo see 2 dots.. which is the target, right ????

I knew that there had to be something up with glasses and $$$$$$$$$$$ that drives them.

Thx again, Justin”

“I have worn your pinhole glasses for 4 months now mostly for reading and TV. I am so pleased with them as everytime I wear them my eyes feel more relaxed and I can see much more clearly than before. Thanks for everything!” Robert Mitchell – Washington D.C. USA

“What a relief – I am so glad I stumbled across your site! The TV picture has never seemed so clear – not even with my prescription lenses! I am now a bona-fide pinhole convert – thanks.” Danni R. Etherman – W.Virginia USA

“I must say I was very skeptikal about your pinhole glasses but I thought that I would try them out as I could note make out my tutors notes on the blackboard in our lecture hall. I am now very glad that I did try your glasses as I can now see the notes.” Bethany Davis – Kingston, Jamaica

“May I say how very pleased I have been with the pinhole glasses you sent me. My eyes feel refreshed after only a few minutes of wearing them. I only ever use my prescription glasses for driving now.” Tom Woods – Watford, UK

“I do a lot of work at a computer screen and use your glasses with my computer. I really could not do without them now.” Russ – Waterford, Rep.of Ireland

“I want to tell you that I am very impressed with your glasses and prompt service. Your airmail package arrived very quickly and my eyesight is clear when I use the pinhole glasses. I used to struggle changing focus between my needlework and work order sheets at my workstation, but now I find it easy to do and it does not strain my eyes. I am definitely a fan of yours and may have some more orders for you from my co-workers.” D.Allen – London, UK

“My mother, Mrs G. Rona, purchased some pinhole glasses from your company three weeks ago. I tried them on and would like to order a pair for myself. Please find my check enclosed and forward a pair to the address above – thank you.” K.Rona – Maine – USA

“I am so pleased with my pinhole glasses from you, and they came fast. I was a wary of purchasing them online and a bit skeptical about them working, but they’re great! Thanks!” Mr Martins – Inverness, Scotland

“I just received my pinhole glasses from your company today. They are great. I can not believe the excellent product for such a low price. Thanks for the great service and fast delivery. I will definitely recommend you.” – Heidi Suram – Bangalore, India

“I’ve had my pinhole glasses from you for some time now. I want tell you that I am seeing more clearly than ever before. Even colors look brighter to me.” Rick – Stuttgart, Germany.

“Your pinhole glasses are truly amazing. I can see clearly now even though my physician has diagnosed me with 2 diopters of myopia!” Belinda Williams – New Orleans – USA

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